Preventing premature aging of skin with Vitamin C Serum


Application of pure vitamin c anti aging brightening and smoothing serum results in many benefits for the health and beauty of your skin. You will be able to experience them once you start using it regularly. Another important factor which you need to remember is intake of balanced and nutritious foods. Some people have notion that by using vitamin c serum alone, they will be able to attain brighter and younger skin. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the serum is not able to make desirable impacts even after prolonged usage with some people. If you are serious about preventing premature aging of your skin, you must follow strict diet management rule.

  • One of the key factors which can affect working of serum effectively is water content in your body. This in turn influences moisture level of your skin. Sufficient intake (about 2 to 4 liters during day) will be able to act as buffering agent for the vitamin c serum. Now your skin is able to keep itself moist during all weather conditions. When dryness of skin is prevented, you have already taken your first step towards achieving goal of preventing premature skin aging.
  • You need to eat foods that are rich in lycopene, astaxanthin, protein, biotin, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. Now the vitamin c serum which you apply on your skin or intake as capsules will be able to make better impact. There are many benefits received by your skin like maintenance of essential oil levels. This is an important factor for many as you will read next.
  • People with oily skin have fear of getting affected by acne in their teens and adult ages. Acne is one of the factors that contribute to premature aging. When you wish to prevent this phenomenon, you must take proactive steps apart from using vitamin c serum. Stress is one factor which affects health and condition of your skin tissues and cells. Stress can be in two forms, namely physical and psychological. Physical stress happens when you expose your skin to excess of sunlight, UV, heat and humidity. By effectively combining usage of vitamin c serum and foods, you will be able to overcome this sort of physical stress. Psychological stress happens due to reasons associated with your mind. Relaxation is one of the best methods of reducing this type of stress. Once you are able to achieve this twin goals, your problem with aging skin will be reduced by more than 70%.
  • Dry skin and skin infections are closely linked with each other. When you are unable to protect your skin from common skin ailments, the immunity of your skin will gradually start decreasing. This can open the floodgates for many other illnesses also. By preventing these two problems you are again prolonging the process of skin aging   and preventing premature aging.
  • Production of melanin is one of the major obstacles which prevent your skin from getting brightened. It also leads to darker tone and weaker texture. When vitamin c serum is consumed in regular intervals, it intervenes in the production and distribution of melanin in your skin layers. This is the first step towards preventing dark tone and complexion of your skin. Another important benefit of Sodium-Ascorbyl-Phosphate ingredient of vitamin c serum is reduced amount of Sebum produced by your skin. AS you know sebum is oily substance which gets produced by the sebaceous glands in your skin. This is one of major contributors of oily skin. By reducing the production this element you are in effect eliminating the probability of oily skin.

Effectiveness of DIY vitamin c anti aging serum

Most of the natural products used in skin are Do It Yourself today. There are many ways in which you could also make vitamin c serum at home and use it. But for obvious reasons, experts suggest that you avoid it. It is not due to non-availability of ingredients or other reasons, rather it is due to the anti-aging vitamin c serum recipe and its effectiveness.

  • Laboratories have advanced facilities like centrifuges, deep freezing devices, mixers, accurate stirrers, heating equipment, testing units etc.
  • The process of vitamin c serum production is monitored and managed by medical experts with years of experience. They know exact ingredient combination and processing steps. Assisted by latest technology tools, they are able to derive the product in most efficient and effective ways.
  • You could do simple experiment. Try making the vitamin c serum at home. Then compare its effectiveness with the one which you bought from your chemist. Within few weeks, you will be able to identify the superior quality and reliability of off the shelf product.

Benefits of vitamin c 30x anti-aging serum

Some of the benefits of vitamin c 30x anti-aging serum are protection against sun damage, dry skin and infections related to the skin area. This is one of the versions of vitamin c serum which you could buy off the shelf. The other product in the market today is CRX vitamin c anti-aging serum.

  • Many user reviews online have highlighted its usage in reducing wrinkles. Most of the users of vitamin c 30x anti aging serum have got practical benefits after consistently using it for about 3 to 4 weeks.
  • The density of serum is one of the plus points. It has high dissolving property, which makes it easily absorbed by your skin layers. The effectiveness of serum is said to be much faster in preventing skin aging characteristics.

Deciding on duration and dosage of vitamin c serum treatment

Duration and dosage of vitamin c serum treatment depends on the intensity and nature of your skin problem. Don’t assume that only those with skin ailments and issues need this for treatment purposes. Even those who wish to have brighter and younger skin can use it over longer period of time. Once you start using the serum make sure that you don’t break in between, at least till the prescribed duration. This is the only way in which you could expect to get maximum benefits of treatment.