Fighting against multiple forms of skin cancer with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin C Serum for skin cancer prevention has been one of the long debated subjects in medical field. Its usage has been put to test in several practical cases. It is proved beyond doubt that vitamin c serum is involved in playing important role. Before you go into details of how the serum works in preventing cancer, you need to understand how skin cancer works. Skin cancer has been broadly categorized into 5 types. Each type has its unique characteristics and affects skin cell growth and health. They also differ in symptoms in many aspects, along with common features for vitamin c serum against cancer.

  • Malignant Melanoma skin cancer is considered to be most dangerous among them. The origin of this type of cancer stats from pigment called Melanocytes. When Melanocytes gets exposed to UV-radiation in excess, it starts developing cancer characteristics. Other probable reasons are sunlight and development of moles. Risk gets doubled when skin cells have lower degree on immunity. Usage of vitamin c serum could be helpful for prevention of Melanoma more than for curing it. So you need to start using it in case you expose your skin to too much of sunlight or UV rays. It forms protective layer on your skin’s outermost section. Sunlight and UV rays are prevented from entering your skin. However if you get exposed to UV in laboratories, you need protective clothing.
  • Basal cell Carcinoma is one of the most commonly found type of skin cancer. It originates at the basal layer of your skin. Main reason for this type of cancer is overexposure to sunlight. Regular intake of vitamin c serum in the form of capsules and application of serum onto your skin could prevent the onslaught of this type of cancer. However you need to use the serum consistently. It is because you are on prevention mode of treatment and curing mode.
  • Kaposi sarcoma is another type of skin cancer which occurs due to infection from HHV-8 virus, associated with herpes. In most of the cases this disease is connected with cutaneous lesions, a form of disease characterized by inflammation of blood vessels connected to skin. Normally it starts developing in legs part in form of red colored bums. It is soon converted into sores. Protection from this type of skin cancer takes more than just intake of vitamin c serum. You need to be careful while having sexual intercourse with strangers and take steps to avoid developing herpes.
  • Squamous carcinoma is another type of skin cancer which starts at the outermost layer of skin. It starts making its way into the inner layers of skin when it is ignored in initial stages. In some rare cases it may also spread to other locations in the body. It can occur on any part of skin in nose, face and lower parts. Aging is considered to be one of major contributors for development of this type of cancer. Genetic disorder is other known cause. Vitamin c serum is to be used for increasing immunity of your skin at the outermost layer.

Using vitamin c serum injections for cancer treatment

Usage of vitamin c serum is not just for cancer prevention, but also for curing it. Cancer therapy has been greatly influenced by usage of vitamin c serum. Any supporting element like vitamin c serum has to have certain basic features when it is used in combination with the main drug for curing cancer, especially, skin cancer drugs.

  • Vitamin c serum is known to work well with paclitaxel, an intravenous injection. It avoids the drug from escaping from blood veins. It serves one critical aspect of skin cancer treatment. Paclitaxel is known to be irritant type of drug. It is known to cause inflammation when it comes out of blood veins. Vitamin c serum forms protective layer around the paclitaxel and prevents it from coming out of veins.
  • The other known drug used for skin cancer is carboplatin. It is highly effective for curing skin cancer at the time of therapy. But it has one limitation, namely its toxic nature. It could invariably lead to various forms of side effects among the patients, unless it is accompanied by another agent which can make it milder when injected. Vitamin c serum is the agent which does this trick.

Application of vitamin c serum for breast cancer patients

Usage of vitamin c serum has been practiced along with carotene and vitamin a. The effects were found to be positive when it was used in cytotoxic type of chemotherapy. It helps in accurate infusion of IV drugs. Post chemotherapy period also needs consistent dosages of vitamin c serum for the patient. It helps in managing the levels of oxalic acid emission through urine. Apart from that, vitamin c serum is known to increase the levels of energy and functional levels of the treated potion of the breast.

  • Patients are given vitamin c serum alone in the post therapy period.
  • During the therapy it could be combined with other main cancer drugs. Most important characteristic of vitamin c serum is that it gels easily with any form and type of cancer drug, without diluting the ingredients of that drug. In fact it acts as supportive agent in making the drug push through veins for getting better results.

Vitamin c serum cancer clinical trials

Before vitamin c is used on specific patient while he is undergoing skin cancer treatment, it is subject to many clinical trials. All practical aspects of vitamin c serum and cancer treatment effects are observed. Test dosage in small quantities will be administered to study any probability of side effects. It is only after the confirmation of senior surgeons that vitamin c serum will be used for treating patients during therapy. Hence the chances of patient experiencing side effects during therapy are practically nonexistent.

In the post therapy period, vitamin c serum is known to increase the internal immunity of skin. It also supplies the skin with essential nutrients for balancing the energy levels during post therapy recovery period.