Enabling survival and sustenance of skin tissues with Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin c serum for skin care is perhaps the most widely used element across the world today. Analysis of skin, nail and hair care products reveals that more than 95% of them use vitamin c in one form or the other. In this aspect usage of vitamin c serum assumes lot of importance. One of the obvious doubts in your mind could be related to the specialty of using vitamin c in form of serum and its benefit over other forms. First benefit is that it gets absorbed by skin more easily. Second benefit is that it contains many additional health ingredients in their purest forms. This helps in conversion of ingredients into their basic form which reaches out to the needed spots on your skin.

For example you can assume one case where you need to heal skin sores resulting from infection and make use of vitamin c serum for skin bleaching. When you consume vitamin c serum or apply it onto affected areas, it gets absorbed quickly. The ingredients start working on affected areas almost instantly. This reduces healing and recovery times to great extent.

Vitamin c serum professional skin care formula

Some of the active ingredients of vitamin c serum are common for all types of preparations. In some cases manufacturing companies may add their own set of ingredients for specific purpose.

  • Skin solution  C & E. It contains combination of l-Ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol.  This is highly useful as antioxidant agent as hydrant. It also increases elastic characteristics of your skin. That means your skin is now protected from toxic elements that affect it like pollution, cholesterol, dust and heat. This solution is added with Ferulic acid for increasing the speed of effectiveness on your skin layers.
  • Serumtologie-C serum-22. This is one of the anti-aging elements used in vitamin c serum. Ingredients like de-ionized water, organic elements, sodium Ascorbyl, carbomer, vegetable glycerin and others help make it antioxidant, absorbent, hydrating and vitalizing agent.
  • Absorbent property is one unique feature which differentiates this particular ingredient of vitamin c serum. It is its ability to absorb all toxic elements from your skin layers and discharge them out. It has been proved from consistent researches that Serumtologie-C serum-22 can absorb elements which are 1000 times of its self-weight when measured in water. Now you will be able to imagine how it could benefit your skin layers when you apply the vitamin c serum regularly.
  • Sodium-Ascorbyl-Phosphate is another active ingredient of vitamin c serum. This is one of the most critical elements which is required for survival and sustenance of your skin. But your body is unable to produce sufficient quantity which is needed. Hence the intake of this element in the form of vitamin c serum is said to be critical for the health of your skin. The stability of molecules makes Sodium-Ascorbyl-phosphate highly recommended for skin care usage.
  • First known benefit of Sodium-Ascorbyl-phosphate is its capacity for reducing the stress on your skin and body due to oxidation. One of the main causes of oxidative-stress is due to the damages caused to skin cells by free radicals. The stress and damages sources are sunlight, dust particles and other pollutants in the atmosphere in which you live.
  • Effects of oxidative stress may not be known immediately, but it can be felt and experienced when your skin starts aging. Aging of skin is directly proportional to the intensity influence by these free radical elements. Of course it may not be possible for you to escape from the place you live and go live near Antarctica where there is zero pollution! But you could do great favor to your skin by opting for usage of vitamin c serum.
  • Vitamin c serum works as anti-aging agent in stages. The first stage is associated with reducing the volume of stress on your skin cells. This is done by continuous supply of hydrants and antioxidant elements into the cells. One of the greatest benefits of using vitamin c serum is its acceptance levels by skin cells and tissues, since it occurs naturally.
  • In the second stage of treatment, the serum injects the skin cells and tissues with freshly oxygenated blood and vital vitamins. The cells and tissues are able to attain their original condition and size within few weeks of treatment. Since the adjacent cells start expensing and adjusting against each other in your skin layers, the feature of elasticity is naturally attained by your skin.

Benefits of vitamin c serum in skin care and pregnancy

Stretch marks are one of the most painful and embarrassing signs in pregnancy and post natal periods. This happens due to the stretching of skin. There is one effective way in which these marks can be removed. That is vitamin c serum. When used effectively you can experience benefits vitamin c serum for skin rash that develop during post natal period.

  • As you read earlier here, the skin becomes more elastic in nature after treating with vitamin c serum. That means your skin can stretch to grater limits than under normal conditions, yet come back to its original state afterward.
  • Stability of skin layers is another factor which gets critically affected during pregnancy. Skin cells start losing energy due to continued stress on them. This energy could be reinstated into them with the help of vitamin c serum ingredients.
  • The benefits of serum could be felt during post natal period also. It is useful in keeping the skin from sagging by balancing the elastic property.

Usage of vitamin c serum skin care oxidation

Oxidation happens mainly from free radicals. There is absolutely no way in which you will be able to prevent your skin from getting exposed to sun and natural elements every day. However, regular usage of vitamin c is enough to protect your skin from continued stress due to oxidation process. The ingredients can also prevent many of free radicals from entering your skin by forming protective sheet at the top layer of your skin. You need to keep using the vitamin c serum regularly in order to get maximum protection from oxidation process. Vitamin c serum for skin infection is another benefit you get.