Chemical characteristics of Vitamin C Serum that prevent aging of skin


Vitamin c serum for wrinkles and skin aging has been known to medical community since many years. Innumerable researches have been conducted in this regard. Every new research leads to new methods of treatment. All the methods focus on one goal that of preventing premature aging of skin cells. The technique used is simple and effective. When skin cells start aging, they show characteristics of fatigue and deficiency of vital vitamins. Supplying vitamins and removing the fatigue factor from specific cells could help in prolonging the active life of cell. This is what vitamin c serum does when it is administered in prescribed dosages.

  • You could consume the serum in form of capsules. This helps in ingestion of ingredients into blood stream during metabolic processes. Check with your physician or dermatologist about the dosage and duration for which you need to consume the capsules. There is another factor which you need to consider during treatment period. You need to balance your diet well with the dosage in order to make it practically effective. Some of the most commonly prescribed foods are salmon, essential oils, veggies and fruits and fatless meat.
  • If your skin wrinkles are more in number and intensity, you may need to go for vitamin c serum injections. Normally this procedure is recommended for senior citizens, people recovering from skin cancer and allergies etc. The injected ingredients interact directly with the skin layers.
  • The first stage of treatment focuses on repairing the aging cells. Unlike in other people, skin cells of recovering patients and aged are relatively weaker. Sometimes they are unable to absorb the ingredients of injected vitamin c serum. When repairing of cells is successful, they are rejuvenated.
  • In the second stage, the serum starts prolonging life of cells by injecting essential minerals from bloodstream. Minerals increase the immunity of cells and cover their outer walls with coating. This process increases flexibility and tensile strength of cells.
  • Practical experiments with aging and recovering patients have produced desirable results. American association of skin care professionals and skin cancer recommends the usage of vitamin c serum along with other skin care agents, in order to increase the longevity of skin cells. Experiments with people who have premature skin aging problems have also produced encouraging results.
  • Premature skin aging is one specific condition when wrinkles start appearing on the skin when the person is in his adulthood or middle age. There are various factors that contribute to this, including poor vitamin intake, onslaught of skin diseases and allergies and others. The first step in treatment is the disinfection of affected cells. This is achieved when the serum works along with medications being administered. In the second stage, the serum protects the fatigued cells by providing immunity. In the third stage, it starts injecting supplies of vital vitamins, minerals and other nutrients into the cell. After the third stage, affected cells start regrouping and expanding on various layers of the skin. This leads to additional flexibility and tightening of skin layers. Minerals in the serum make it possible.

Specific applications of vitamin c anti aging face serum

Most of the aging processes of facial skin are initiated by prolonged dryness in various layers. One of the major causes is lack of water and fluid intake. Exposure to sun, UV, dust, hot and humid conditions are the other probable reasons.

  • When you are faced with such situations, you could count on vitamin c serum to restore the liveliness and attractiveness of your facial skin.
  • One way in which you could use the serum is by applying it onto your face.
  • Clean your face and other skin surfaces where you wish to apply vitamin c serum. Apply the serum gently all over and let it sink into your skin. You need to rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Moisturize your skin with natural moisturizer which may work better. But you need to make sure that you don’t end up applying something that has lots of chemical ingredients in it. It will only worsen situation of your skin.
  • Wait for some time after applying of moisturizer. Make sure that you apply moisturizer after you have applied vitamin c serum. This is better way as it helps in making your skin absorb the serum completely, while moisturizer prevents evaporation of serum.

Vitamin c anti aging face serum spa cosmetics

The days of using vitamin c serum in traditional forms of liquid, injections and capsules seem to be over now. New generation spa cosmetics are taking over the treatment with vitamin c anti-aging professional treatment serum. Most of the vitamin c serum based cosmetics have natural ingredients.

  • This ensures that you don’t experience any negative side effects while using them.
  • Spa cosmetics and best vitamin c serum for aging skin are available for massage, sun screen, skin brightening and bleaching, pimple and acne removal, black spots removal and many other purposes.
  • Most of the products could be bought off shelf or online.
  • Once you start using them, you could also experience certain other benefits like increased immunity, cooling effects on your skin, increased skin pore health and so on.

Vitamin c anti aging brightening and smoothing serum

As you are aware, skin brightening is one process that reflects results in the outermost layer of your skin. If the process has to be accurate and timely, it has to be initiated from inner layers of the skin.

  • Clearance of dust, oil and other pollutants from skin pores is the first step towards skin brightening. This happens in stages.
  • Coating of skin cell external layers with healthy essential oils produced by your body is the second stage. Moisturizing your skin is the third stage. Once these stages are complete, the brightening process of skin starts up automatically. Additional usage of vitamin c 15 serum for aging skin and hyperpigmentation could help in reducing pigmentation levels and bleaching of your skin. This is one of the best combination of ingredients you could find for brightening of your skin at all ages.