Balancing pulmonary function with effective usage of Vitamin C Serum


Effective usage of vitamin c serum for pulmonary health ensures that your lungs are always in healthy conditions. Primary requirement for this is the improvement in health of complete respiratory system. This includes nasal cavity, oral cavity, larynx, pharynx, trachea and lungs. Probably you may be feeling by now that it needs whole set of medications for managing this complex system. What you need is one simple solution in the form of vitamin c serum. It clears the blocks in nasal cavity, removes complications of lung disorders, strengthens the series of channels flowing from nasal cavity to lungs and restores the normal functionality of complete respiratory system.

Using vitamin c serum for respiratory disorder

This includes all the organs located at the upper part of respiratory tract and others like trachea, pleura, pleural cavity, bronchioles and others. It is basically the conditions related to health and functionality of these organs. Disorder is the state when both are affected critically. The disorders / diseases are broadly categorized into

  • Inflammation of lungs
  • Restrictive types of lung disorders
  • Infections of respiratory tracts

The usage of vitamin c serum in restoring the order in all the three types of diseases has been clinically established. Moreover it has been researched and determined that vitamin c serum is highly useful for cure and prevention of malignant type of tumors in lungs, benign type of tumors, cavity diseases etc. The dosage and duration of treatment may vary, depending on nature and intensity of disease.

  • Consider one of the inflammation of lungs like asthma. This is one kind of respiratory disorder where bronchi are affected. It results in breathing problems, allergy in the lungs region and inflammation of inner parts of lungs. One of the main reasons for asthma is congestion of smoke in the inner walls of lungs. It could be result of tobacco and nicotine, pollution, allergy to certain types of fragrance etc. When asthma is treated, it is preferably accompanied with administering vitamin c serum. In most of the cases it is done with the help of serum injections to speed up the progress of recovery.
  • Blockage of airway is another unique problem associated with asthma patients. This is mostly caused by congestion of airway by pollutants, nicotine and others. When you are administered with regular dosages of vitamin c serum along with medications, you will be able to experience considerable improvements in the health of airways by clearing the blockage to large extent. If you wish to recover completely from this condition, then you must quit smoking and adopt healthier style of living. The duration and dosage of vitamin c serum will be as prescribed by our physician.
  • Restrictive types of lung diseases include all symptoms that restrict the lung expansion. This results in shrinking lungs. Oxygenation of lungs is the first functionality that gets impaired due to this disease. This is caused mainly due to lack of vitamins for the lungs. If the lungs have to be restored to original size and functionally made active, vitamin c is one of the possible remedies. Now you need to look at how serum can help in restoration of normal size.
  • The inner wall cells and tissues are said to respond to the intake of vitamin c. When the serum reaches the inner walls of lungs, it starts its process of detox. That means it systematically removes all the clogs and other forms of debris which have got deposited in the lungs and other parts of respiratory system. Once this process is complete, the lungs get chance for breathing normally, allowing them to expand and go back to their original size.

Managing the input dosage of vitamin c serum and lung health

The volume of vitamin c serum intake depends on intensity and nature of lung disease. One of the main functions of vitamin c in that direction is the hydroxylation of collagen. This determines the volume of vitamin c serum which has to be used for treatment. This is normally determined by the physician.

Using vitamin c serum for pulmonary treatment

  • Treatment involves restoration of lungs health after it has been affected by some of the respiratory diseases.
  • One of the most widely discussed topic in pulmonary treatment in US today is the pulmonary hypertension. According to medical experts, it cannot be eliminated completely, but it could be kept under control.
  • First step in this treatment is the dilation of blood vessels. Vitamin c serum plays important role here. It is useful in clearing the blood veins of all the deposition of cholesterol and other blocking elements.
  • Pulmonary veins could be cleared and stage set for treatment of pulmonary hypertension. In cases where mere treatment with serum is insufficient, surgical methods are recommended. Even during the surgical phases, doctors and medical experts suggest the usage of vitamin c serum for quick recovery.
  • Chronic inflammation of blood veins could occur when the patient is recovering from recent lung disease. Such conditions are also quite common among people who suffer from problem of alcoholism. When this condition occurs, it usually results in heart attacks. One of the main reasons for the chronic inflammation has been attributed to the malfunction of mitochondria. The other probable reasons are glycation and oxidation of lipoproteins.  All these causes could be easily avoided when you use vitamin c serum. It is capable of balancing the function of mitochondria.
  • Most of the respiratory disorders are said to be caused due to lack of vitamin c in the body. By supplementing it with vitamin c serum, it is possible to clear most of them within fixed time frame. Regular intake of vitamin c along with prescribed medication could solve the problem of respiratory disorders.
  • Following   strict vegetarian diet is an added advantage while you are undergoing treatment for respiratory disorders with vitamin c serum and medication. This will help in preventing the addition of excess fat and acidity causing foods, which may affect the recovery process. You need to monitor the treatment process consistently for improvements

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