Treating dermopathy effectively with Vitamin C Serum


Appearance of dermopathy symptoms in frontal thigh portions, shin portion, trunk and forearm indicate diabetes driven skin degeneration. Other variation is called grave’s dermopathy results in swollen skin on shin and leg portions. Diabetic type of dermopathy is most commonly observed, while grave’s dermopathy is said to be rare. When hemoglobin in blood gets affected by process called glycosylation. In this process carbohydrates present as free element gets attached to hemoglobin. This makes your body lose control over levels of glucose, especially in bloodstream. This results in lesions on skin. In extreme cases it could lead to nerve and bone damages. Treatment with vitamin c serum involves controlling of blood sugar levels in first stage. In second stage it controls hydration levels of your skin. Third stage is removal of symptoms caused by dermopathy. Fourth stage is prevention of dermopathy by preventing glycosylation.

Making dermopathy symptoms go away with vitamin c serum

  • Some of the known diabetic dermopathy causes are external injury, internal nerve damage, leaking of blood content onto internal layers of skin and abnormal changes in vessels that supply blood to skin.
  • Scaly patches of round and oval shapes appear in shin, thighs and leg region. They could appear concentrated around one region or distributed.
  • The symptoms on legs appear as hyper pigmented scars. They are called atrophic because they hide most of large lesions in the interior layers of skin. Diabetes induced vascular ailment is said to be one of main causes. In some cases the membrane present in basement of capillary starts forming thick layers, resulting in inflammation of interior skin layers, leading to dermopathy rash.
  • Dermopathy is most commonly associated with brownish purple dots of varying size on skin. They are results of blood vessel’s internal bleeding. This bleeding could be due to diabetic conditions.

Vitamin c serum is administered in the form of IV injections. If the diabetic conditions are acute or chronic, then it may be accompanied with insulin and other diabetes healing medicines. Once diabetes is brought under control, most of symptoms related to dermopathy will go away.

  • Now vitamin c serum could be prescribed as capsules or pills for eliminating visible marks leftover by this disorder. You could also opt for vitamin c serum cream or lotion which is to be applied on affected parts.
  • According to medical experts, diabetic dermopathy is relatively harmless to your skin health. It does not lead to any other forms of skin infections or diseases.

Curing diabetic dermopathy brown spots with vitamin c serum

Internal bleeding of vessels that carry blood to different skin layers could also result in brown spots on your skin. First step to removal of these spots would be to stop this bleeding. Medical science is not able to determine exact reasons for this bleeding. But studies have shown weakening of epithelial cells in vessels could lead to slight blisters on vessel’s walls.

  • When vitamin c serum is used in the form of IV shots, it can build thin layers of collagen on blood vessels. This is first step towards stopping of damage to epithelial cells and internal leaking.
  • In next step vitamin c serum cleans up remnants of leaked blood and other debris near affected region internally. This automatically makes brown spots go away.
  • According to medical science, there are no known medicines for treating diabetic dermopathy. Hence vitamin c serum will be used to control effects of diabetic conditions like blood clotting, damages to epithelial cells, internal leaking of blood, hypertension and other symptoms. These measures can heal diabetic dermopathy. Controlling of blood sugar within standard limitations is the only solution to diabetic dermopathy today.

What are best possible diabetic dermopathy home remedies with vitamin c serum?

  • Applying vitamin c serum lotion with holy basil syrup could help in reducing brown spots to certain level externally. Though no medical proof has been given about its authenticity and effectiveness, some diabetic patients in India have reportedly got relief from this treatment method.
  • Bitter gourd therapy is recommended as measure to control diabetes. You need to cut bitter gourd and immerse cut pieces in drinking water. Keep it refrigerated overnight. Extract juices from softened bitter gourd. You need to drink it in empty stomach every morning! Half cup of this juice could help in managing your blood sugar within normal levels. This is prescribed for people with high blood sugar levels. Check your blood sugar level regularly. If it is within normal levels for 4 to 5 consecutive days, you may need to stop bitter gourd therapy.
  • Aloe Vera with turmeric and bay-leaves form excellent combinational home remedy for diabetes.
  • Guava is one of favorite remedies for diabetic conditions. It has rich contents of vitamin c which helps in keeping glucose levels balanced.

Need for controlling Diabetic conditions

As you read earlier, there are no medical treatments for diabetic dermopathy. Since it is result of excess blood sugar, controlling sugar levels seems to be only method today. Vitamin c serum helps in this aspect to great extent.

  • It can be used in combination with many home remedies for diabetes.
  • It can control level of insulin under manageable levels. There are certain inherent dangers associated with diabetes. Your skin gets into trouble when blood sugar levels go higher than normal. At the same time lowering below normal levels could cause fatigue, pale skin, excess of sweating and skin dehydration and tingling sensations in skin. So you need to be careful about balancing of blood sugar levels. This is one of the reasons for stopping of bitter gourd therapy once it reaches normal level and stays there for about 4 to 5 days.  If you continue to take this therapy at normal blood sugar level, chances of its dipping and resulting in temporary deficiency of sugar are high.
  • It is important for you keep away from skin injuries, bruises and cuts. This is because healing is difficult in case of diabetic patients.
  • Using vitamin c serum to treat dermopathy skin is one possible remedy which works as long as your diabetes is under control.

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