Restoring youthful skin during post natal period with Vitamin C Serum


Post pregnancy skin care could be quite complex in nature. It is mainly due to skin’s sensitiveness, probable hormone variations, reduced skin immunity, dehydration, high probability of skin infections, stretch marks, changes in skin texture and other issues. Vitamin c serum has all the ingredients which can help you overcome these complications easily. It may take relatively more time to get results when you follow treatment procedures with the serum. But you could be sure of getting results! Most of skin problems are solved with vitamin c serum cream, jelly or lotions. When you are faced with hormonal issues, you may need to consult your dermatologist/ gynecologist to take correct suggestions for vitamin c serum pills and shots (only when required).

Solutions to ensure post pregnancy skin tightening with vitamin c serum

Post natal pouch is the sagging of skin near belly region. This is natural phenomenon which will go away after few months. But there are other worrying factors like skin wrinkles, shrinking and folding of skin layers which are related to issues like UV radiations, dehydration, wrinkles, skin infections etc. They can be set right when you consume vitamin c serum regularly with consultation with your doctor.

  • Dehydration leads to dryness in skin. Dry skin has tendency to fold and form wrinkles. Vitamin c serum is responsible restoration of hydration levels in your skin. But they work effectively when you consume plentiful of water and healthy fluids. Ingredients of the serum like Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B and Vitamin E have the characteristics of transporting water molecules, nutrients and other minerals through your bloodstream to the top external layer of your skin. This process helps in restoration of hydration levels in your skin evenly.
  • Excess UV exposure and other hormone related factors could result in oxidation process in your skin layers. These processes are mainly accelerated by reactive-oxygen-species (free radicals), Matrix-Metallo-proteinases and Advanced-Glycation-End-products. Fat and cholesterol could worsen this process of oxidation, resulting in formation of wrinkles, age spots, sun spots and other forms of ski disorders. Acne and hyperpigmentation are also possible consequences of oxidative stress. Reduction in collagen production compounded by cross linking of existing collagen molecules will make your skin layers weaker and reduce production of elastin.
  • Long listing of probable skin disorders does not literally mean that you will be affected by all of them. It is to show that you could be prone to some of them during postnatal period. So you need one reliable solution which could cure or prevent these disorders. Vitamin c serum is such reliable multipurpose solution. Ingredients of vitamin c serum play important roles in setting right all the probable disorders.
  • If you have wrinkles due to excess dryness and process of oxidation, vitamin c serum can restore youthful skin in simple steps. It removes all cross links in existing collagen molecules and sets them right. In addition it boosts collagen production from all possible points where you can find them. These two processes can increase the tensile strength and elasticity of your skin layers. They tighten your skin layers. Once this process gets initiated, wrinkles on your skin go away naturally.

Cure for post pregnancy skin darkening with vitamin c serum

Most of pigmentation issues with post natal period are with UV radiation, hormone imbalance and skin infections. When you expose your skin to excess UV radiation, it can result in release of free radicals. Since they are highly unstable in nature, they have natural tendency to get themselves attached with active skin cells to support themselves.

  • Once they are able to penetrate the skin cell membrane, they degenerate them by extracting proteins and vitamins. These free proteins are again subject to oxidation, making them useless for skin cells. Since your skin starts losing vital supporting proteins, it could change its color and become dark.
  • Another reason for skin darkening could be due to hyperpigmentation. Oxidative proteins created by free radicals could get attached to melatonin, the melanin pigment producing gland. This gland starts generating excess quantity of melanin now which may sometimes get out of control. This in turn increases darkness of your skin.
  • Vitamin c serum is highly antioxidant in nature.  One of its main ingredients vitamin c or L-Ascorbic acid has natural tendency to attach itself with free radicals. Since the antioxidant strength of L-Ascorbic acid is more than oxidation property of free radicals, it starts breaking down their internal structure and neutralizes them by “reduction” process, which is exactly opposite to oxidation. Since vitamin c has healing properties, it has the capacity to repair damaged skin cells and restore balance of melanin production. All these processes certainly take time. By the end of this time elapse, your skin color and tone will be restored back to normal levels.

Enhanced resistance to post pregnancy skin allergies with vitamin c serum

Since your skin becomes sensitive during post pregnancy period, it may be prone to many forms of allergic reactions. They could be for food, contact dermatitis, hives or atopic dermatitis.

  • Food allergy is the aversion you start developing towards some sorts of foods like dairy products, nuts, chocolates etc. It may result in nausea and vomiting, hives; hypertension etc. vitamin c serum could help you in restoring balance.
  • Hives is one kind of allergic reaction in your skin when histamine gets secreted beyond controlled limits. This process can be controlled by vitamin c serum as it reduces the production levels of histamine by the white blood cells. This brings down the levels of hives in your skin.
  • Contact dermatitis is another kind of skin allergy which may develop during post pregnancy period. There are mainly two types of contact dermatitis called allergic and irritant Allergic type is mainly caused due to contact with latex, gold and perfumes. Irritant type can get activated due to perfumes and other cosmetic products. Vitamin c has the natural characteristics to reduce the symptoms of Contact dermatitis. You need to consume the proper dosages as prescribed by your dermatologist to experience its effects.

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