Removal of age spots on knees with Vitamin C Serum


Emergence of age spots on knees and legs happens due to excess sun exposure. They can also result from hormone imbalances, variations in body temperature, hormone imbalances and other internal / external factors. Regardless of factors, they appear in all types of skin tone, texture, color and racial origin. Though age spots are commonly associated with people in age group of 50+, it is not uncommon for them to affect pregnant women and adults. Vitamin c serum in form of lotion, cream, jelly, capsules and pills will be able eliminate symptoms of age spots and cure your skin of them.

Elimination of dark “age spots” on knees with vitamin c serum

Knees are regions exposed to more “friction” due to frequent movement. It makes them susceptible to more stress compared with other areas of your skin. Hence age spots on knees are darker in nature. You may need extra efforts to get rid of them.

  • Vitamin c serum is powerful antioxidant. Hence it has stress reducing characteristics. When you apply serum in the form of age spot cream for knees or jelly onto your knee region, it forms layers of Ferulic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and sodium PCA. These ingredients get absorbed by skin layers. They even reach your knee cap, anterior ligament, lateral ligament and articular cartilage. All the stress accumulated in these regions gets actively removed with these ingredients.
  • Since the stress is removed, it is easier to eliminate aging spots from these regions now. Natural vitamin c reacts with oxidative free radicals and neutralizes them by reduction process.  In next stage, it removes aging spots from roots. Then it heals affected areas by regeneration of new skin cells.
  • Collagen starts restructuring these newly created cells in layers, forming thick bonding between then with its adhesive nature. Cells get boosted with tensile strength and elastic characteristics. Within few days skin on affected areas get brightened with glycerin ingredient in age spot remover for knees.

Healing of age spots on back of knees with vitamin c serum

Apply vitamin c serum evenly all over age spots on back of knees. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes to let your skin absorb all ingredients. You may need to follow this procedure twice or thrice in a day. Skin in this region is more sensitive compared to front knees. Hence intensity of age spots and their effects will be relatively sharper here.

  • Thick age spots need persistent treatment with high dosage of vitamin c serum. They are often called as Seborrheic keratosis in dermatology. They may have scales of oxidative deposits on them, forming thick crust like structure. Applying serum cream and lotion alone may not be sufficient to get rid of them. In such cases you need to consult your dermatologist for more effective ways. He may suggest vitamin c serum pills. They start functioning from roots of Seborrheic keratosis at epidermis region and heal them. Within few weeks of treatment, these crusts may go away.
  • It is important for you to keep your skin hydrated during time of treatment with vitamin c serum. You will need to consume plenty of water and fluids. Besides, you can apply vitamin c serum jelly around affected areas at the back of your knees. This will keep Seborrheic keratosis from hardening further.

Permanent age spot treatment for knees with vitamin c serum

Due to consistent stress and other oxidative reaction factors, age spots on your knees may repeatedly make comeback after many weeks and months of treatment. There are also many other factors which make them relatively harder to cure.

  • Hardened age spots are due to nature of skin layers in this region. Thick layers of skin may make it harder for lotions and jelly to penetrate deep into them and make considerable impact. Besides, skin is subject to constant friction due to movement. Even this might wear out effects of creams and jelly faster. If you find they are hard to treat with these solutions and they keep coming back, you need to consult your dermatologist.
  • He may suggest strong dosages of vitamin c serum IV shots. Dosage concentration and duration of treatment will depend on intensity of age spots and their coverage. This is sure to cure your skin from hardened age spots.
  • Once you have got rid of them, you need to think of ways to prevent them from coming back. Repetitive age spot attacks may be due to your weakened immune system. So you need to strengthen it. It can be done with regular consumption of vitamin c serum pills for specific time prescribed by your dermatologist.

Hormonal imbalance and age spots on knees

Women seem to get affected from knee sun spots during pregnancy and menopause. Probabilities during these two time periods are more due to variations in hormonal activities. Most of problems with hormones happen due to estrogen, androgen and progesterone level imbalance.

  • These imbalances could be further intensified when you expose your skin to excess sun, heat and humidity. These conditions suck out most of water content from your skin, especially in knee areas and dry it out. Thickness of skin layers in knees makes it even dryer. When knees get affected by age spots, these won’t go away in hurry. Dryness and recued immunity also play key roles in intensifying them. They start spreading (not as infection, but due to more number of spots appearing) and they may fill your knee areas fully.
  • At this stage removal will be time consuming process. Creams and jelly may not work effectively. So your dermatologist will ask you to opt for vitamin c serum shots. They are given near affected skin spots. Your dermatologist will take care to see that shots reach root levels of these hardened age spots. The ingredients of serum start working their way up from roots of age spots to eliminate age spots on knees. They freeze out all nourishing points of these age spots and make them peel off your skin naturally. Then the serum takes care of healing skin cells and tissues and affected areas and restoring normal conditions of texture, tone and beauty.