Photoaged skin treatment with Vitamin C Serum


Photoaged skin treatment with vitamin c serum involves preventing aging of skin when it is exposed for long time to UV radiation. Naturally aging brings certain irreversible changes to your skin like wrinkles, sagging, dullness, reduced immunity and other features. Long term exposure to UV radiation can hasten these changes. Premature skin aging could be prevented and reverse with vitamin c serum. When you know exact procedures involved and right combination of treatment with vitamin c serum, your task becomes easier. One of the main features of this treatment is to reduce metabolic stress on all organs that induce premature aging of skin. There are certain extrinsic processes induced by UV radiation, which in turn initiate intrinsic processes within your body and skin that cause skin aging. By reversing these processes, vitamin c serum is able to slow down aging and restore your skin to normal and healthy conditions.

Photoaged skin treatment with vitamin c serum

  • Pigmentation and wrinkling natural processes that get initiated during aging. When your skin gets exposed to long term UV radiation, pigmentation turns into hyperpigmentation. This is due to chain reaction of oxidation setup by free radicals. These free radicals are produced when UV rays interact with bio-chemicals in your skin cells. They start the process of oxidation which starts degeneration of your skin cells, causing sun spots, wrinkles, shrinking of skin and skin dehydration. By using vitamin c serum it is possible to halt this process of oxidation. Being highly antioxidant in nature, it easily gets attached with oxidative free radicals and neutralizes their effects. Other ingredients in the serum like Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and vitamin E & B help in regeneration of skin cells lost in oxidation process.
  • Vitamin c serum increases collagen production in your skin. This is structural protein that is insoluble. It is hard and elastic with triple helix configuration. There are three main types of it which make your skin firm, flexible and free from disorders like wrinkles, shrinkage and rigidity. Collagen molecules start interacting with your skin cells since they get instigated by vitamin c serum. They start rebuilding your skin structure and restore it to youthful conditions. This is one phases of reversing skin aging with vitamin c serum.
  • UV radiation can result in many skin disorders like acne, scaling of skin layers, eczema, alopecia, Vitiligo, dermatitis, sun burn. Age spots, liver spots etc. bacterial infections, ecthyma, Dermatophytosis, Candidiasis and other skin infections weaken skin immunity and speed up aging process. Vitamin c serum can effectively eliminate all these infections from root levels. Ingredients of the serum restore skin conditions by regeneration of skin cells. Collagen plays key role of restructuring of skin layers and restoring of youthful conditions.
  • UV radiation can cause skin dryness, leading to cracks, scaling, skin sores and other kinds of blisters and open wounds. This in turn can lead to invasion of infections due to lack of immune systems. Vitamin c serum restores hydration levels in your skin. Natural vitamin c present in the serum is able to heal open wounds, blisters and other skin sores. Collagen molecules are able to regenerate new cells and restore skin structure back to normalcy. It also reconstructs entire external skin layers and makes them strong, flexible and free from cracks. Ingredients like glycerin, Ferulic acid and L-Ascorbic acid beautify your skin with natural brightness, fairness and softness. By the end of treatment your skin will be youthful again.

These are only few example of how vitamin c serum can help in reversing aging process of your skin. When you consult your dermatologist to know other benefits of the serum you will be surprised to observe, vitamin c serum can be used with other medicines and in therapeutic and surgical procedures too. It is used as antioxidant, wound healer, cell and tissue regenerator and immunity provider.

Benefits of vitamin c serum for preventing Photoaging and skin cancer

Melanoma and carcinoma are two main types of cancer that gets initiated due to UV radiation and Photoaging. Melanoma starts from sunburns and proceeds to become tumors. Both melanoma and carcinoma develop in stages from 0 to 4. Vitamin c serum is used in all stages.

  • Most preferred treatment method of melanoma in stages 1 and 2 is surgery to remove cancer cells on skin surface. Regrowth of skin layers and healing of surgical wounds is made safe and fast with vitamin serum c. collagen molecules can help in formation of new cells and tissues in surgery areas and binding them together.
  • When melanoma has crossed stage 3, doctors recommend more than one stage of surgery where multiple melanoma liked with lymph nodes are removed from your skin. Here also vitamin c serum and collagen play the roles of healing and skin regeneration. In stage 4 of melanoma, chemotherapy is normally recommended. Vitamin c serum helps in healing and restructuring of cells and tissues burnt by chemotherapy treatment.

Post melanoma recovery process can also lead to aging of skin. Sin aging is mainly due to loss of brightness and youthful appearance of skin. These characteristics can be restored to skin when it is treated regularly with vitamin c serum cream, jelly and lotion. All wrinkles, skin folding, skin shrinkage and other aging factors are gradually removed and aging process is reversed.

Insight into Pathomechanisms of Photoaged skin

Photoaged skin due to UV radiation happens due to reasons like dehydration, loss of immunity, oxidative degeneration of skin cells and tissues; escalation of autoimmunity disorders, hormonal imbalances, invasion of skin infection, onset of skin diseases etc. ineffective or incomplete treatment procedures can in fact speed up aging of skin cells.  One of the most effective treatments which can bring all the above factors under control is vitamin c serum.

Changing the characteristics of Photoaged skin with vitamin c serum

Most ingredients of vitamin c serum play active role in changing characteristics of Photoaged skin and restoring youthful features back. Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic Acid, and vitamin E & B, Niacinamide, Ferulic Serum, Purified Water, Panthenol, TEA and glycerin some of main ingredients.