Origin and spread of age spots in men and women


Your dermatologist will be able to tell you whether you have got age spots or skin cancer after diagnosis. Once this has been confirmed it will be easy to select method of treatment. Age spots are flat in structure, usually brown or black in color. They may surface on any of your skin areas that get frequently exposed to sunlight. Probability of getting them increases after you reach 50+. Treatment for age spots is usually through cosmetic methods. Vitamin c serum is sued in the form of cream or jelly. Regular usage for about 2 weeks could make age spots to go away.

It is common to see age spots behind the eye and age spots between breasts. If their intensity is more, you need to consult your dermatologist. Knowing about age spots causes and prevention is very vital if you wish to get quick and reliable treatment with vitamin c serum.

At times symptoms of age spots may go beyond just brown or black spots. The lesion may become dark in pigmentation and grow in size quickly. You may start experiencing irritation and itching feeling in your skin. Then you could observe those spots have uneven size and corners. Their appearance and color may vary and become irregular in nature. In such cases you need to consult your dermatologist and take her advice.

In some cases, age spots may be links with malfunctioned liver. In such cases they are called liver spots. You need to get them diagnosed from your doctor. You will be able to experience other liver related symptoms like frequent constipation and bowel discomfort.

Treatment of age spots on African American skin with vitamin c serum

In most cases age spots on African American skin are results of pigmentation disorders (hyper or under-pigmentation). You may get age spots that are lighter than your skin color or darker. Genetic reasons are also sighted for age spots. Under pigmented spots will be usually lighter in color and hence easily spotted. Since hyperpigmentation spots are also brown or black in color and small in size, it may take some time to observe their presence.

  • Most of age spots are harmless in nature. In some cases you may experience irritation or itching which may go away. Once you start using vitamin c serum cream regularly, age spots will disappear within days. It is important that you avoid exposing affected parts of your skin to sun during this time.
  • Once you got cured from age spots, you again need protective measures to guard your skin from getting those age spots again. You could use sunscreen in combination with vitamin c serum. This will help in keeping your skin safe from spots.
  • Practically speaking, there is no difference between age spots on African American Skin and others with darker tone. In many cases skin tone, color or texture makes no difference for age spots to appear. Age could be only factor.

Establishing link between age spots and liver function

When there is link between liver function and age spots, they are called as lentigo. In contrast to normal age spots they have sharp corners and definite brown color. People who spend most of their daytime getting exposed to sunlight are more prone to such spots.

  • Liver spots could be signals of liver disorder. In such cases you could observe some more symptoms in your body conditions like frequent constipation or indigestion, acidic refluxes, nausea upon consumption of fat containing food or alcohol and irritation in bowels. If you happen to have any of these symptoms then you need to consult your doctor.
  • In case your doctor diagnoses your problem to be liver disorder, then she will prescribe relevant medications. In most cases vitamin c serum could be recommended during treatment. This is for eliminating vitamin deficiency, protection from infections and quick healing of spots.
  • You need to take care of avoiding any type of food or beverages which could cause any sort of damage to your liver like alcohol, fatty and junk foods etc.

Causes of age spots after pregnancy and treatment with vitamin c serum

Age spots are common after pregnancy. In most cases they may appear due to hormonal imbalance. Side effects of some medicines consumed during pregnancy could also be responsible. Using vitamin c serum as cream or lotion could make them go away within few weeks. You need to protect your affected skin parts from direct exposure to sun.

  • It is better practice to wear sunscreen when you go out. You could apply vitamin c serum over sunscreen layer. After you apply serum, you need to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes before you go out. It is to make the cream get absorbed by your skin layers.
  • You need to consume lots of water (3 to 4 liters) and fluids like smoothies. This will keep your skin layers hydrated and avoid oxidative reactions in your skin from free radicals. Chances of getting affected by age spots are reduced considerably.
  • You may often experience hormonal imbalance of estrogen or progesterone. During such times intensity of age spots will be more. You need to consult your gynecologist and get advice on using vitamin c serum pills to keep this imbalance under control. Follow it up with applying vitamin c serum cream and sunscreen. Age spots will disappear after few weeks.

Probability of age spots turning into skin cancer

In most of cases it does not exist. According to dermatologists, only liver spots have some links with serious health disorders like liver disease, infection etc. Normal age spots are harmless and they go away on treatment with vitamin c serum.

  • In some rare cases there could be possibility of skin cancer such as melanoma or carcinoma when skin gets badly burnt by sunburn. This too takes long time to develop.
  • Skin cancer may develop from age spots, in cases of patients with hereditary issues of cancer. Most of case studies concerning age spots and cancer across US indicate this.  

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