Getting rid of age spots in hands with Vitamin C Serum


Increasing signs of age spots on hands at 40 show certain pertinent facts about skin conditions. You may be working in hot and humid climatic conditions with frequent exposure to UV radiation from sun. This results in high level of oxidation in skin cells from free radicals. Since these radicals are unstable in nature, they have tendency to attach themselves with skin cells. Here they cause oxidative effects and affect normal conditions. Skin cells produce dark spots as reactive mechanism to protect themselves. This results in age spots. They are usually made of dead cells, oxidized protein and other bio-chemicals in your skin. In most cases they are said to be harmless and don’t produce any side effects.

Removal of age spots on hands and face with vitamin c serum

Hands and face are most exposed areas to sun and heat. Facial age spots may also appear informs of patches. Mostly their color is in contrast with that of your skin. That means fair skin gets dark spots and darker skin gets lighter spots! According to studies by dermatologists across US and rest of world, it could be due to nature of pigmentation disorders.

  • What causes age spots on hand? Fair skin has fewer melanin pigments. Oxidative reaction from free radicals results in excess pigmentation. Darker skin has abundant melanin pigments. Oxidative reaction results in reverse mechanism, leading to deficiency of pigments. When vitamin c serum is used it causes balance in pigmentation process. This is done by eliminating all free radicals from your affected skin areas. Further pigmentation disorders are controlled now. In the next phase vitamin c serum starts fixing cells affected by oxidative reactions.
  • Healing of cells starts with reducing concentration of oxidized proteins and other chemicals in them. It may not be possible with all affected cells since many of them are dead. In such cases they are removed and replaced with new cells. This process could take time, depending on intensity of oxidative reaction and concentration of oxidative elements among cells in affected areas.
  • Healing is done by natural vitamin c while regeneration of cells is done by other vitamin c serum ingredients like Ferulic acid, TEA, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide etc. newly generated cells are cohesive in nature and may have gaps, leading to skin sagging. Such conditions are eliminated by collagen which gets produced by vitamin c serum within affected areas. Collagen is highly cohesive in nature. It has high tensile strength and flexibility. Once molecules of collagen attach themselves with your skin cells, they make them strong and flexible in nature. Your cells also develop cohesive nature. Hence they attach themselves with each other and with existing layers of skin cells.  
  • This process forms layers of skin cells and tissues on affected areas. All age spots are removed and skin turns firm, flexible, soft and bright. When you continue to apply vitamin c serum with sunscreen, you are ensuring consistent protection from sun, heat and humidity. Chances of age spots on your skin are greatly reduced.

Vitamin c serum to hasten age spots on hands natural removal

It is difficult to measure probable intensity of age spots and affected areas, especially when you are working in tropical like climatic conditions. Hence preventive measures may take time to implement.

  • Your dermatologist will need to analyze your existing skin conditions, texture and tone before recommending correct solution. She may also need to test possible side effects when you use such solutions. These problems are eliminated once she recommends you to us vitamin c serum.
  • You could consider any cosmetic product with vitamin c serum. You will be able to differentiate its unique qualities with those products which don’t have vitamin c serum. Ingredients of the serum make all difference. Ferulic acid, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, L-Ascorbic Acid, Glycerin and other natural elements are used in preparing vitamin c serum. Natural vitamin c adds strength and immunity.
  • Since vitamin c serum is highly antioxidant in nature, it reverses process of oxidation and removes all age spots from most of affected areas. Skin cells that are affected by age spots will have depositions of dead protein and other leftovers from free radical oxidative reaction. They are gradually removed from cells. This is called healing process. In some cases healing of cells may not be possible because they are dead. In such cases they are replaced with new cells.
  • Vitamin c serum reacts with fibrous tissues of your skin, ligaments and blood vessels in your skin layers to produce collagen. Collagen is responsible for strengthening of your skin cells and tissues in all layers of your skin. In addition it brings suppleness and elasticity to all skin cells and tissues. These properties are helpful in restoration of your skin health, brightness and beautifying aspects after removal of age spots.  

Simple home remedy for age spots on hand with vitamin c serum

Many DIY programs may suggest simple ways in which you can prepare vitamin c serum at home. In some cases they may prove to be effective also. They are good when intensity of age spots is low and they are few in numbers. But when their intensity increases and numbers become more, strength and composition of homemade vitamin c serum may not be sufficient to cure your problems.

  • In such cases you need to opt for cosmetic products that have vitamin c serum as one of its ingredients.
  • You could find many such products in various forms like cream, jelly, lotion, capsules and pills. All of them get rid of age spots on hand.
  • In some cases you may need to know about how to fade age spots on hand with vitamin c serum. It is because their intensity is more and it may not be possible to eliminate them outright. Then your dermatologist will suggest ways to fade them out in gradual process. Once you have gone through the treatment process, all the age spots and their marks in your hands would have vanished without trace.