Curing and preventing Age spots on teens with Vitamin C Serum


Age spots in young age group are primarily caused from excess and prolonged exposure to UV radiation from sun. This is common among field workers, construction workers, civil engineers, marketing executives and others who spend most of their time exposing their skin to open sun light during daytime.  Intensity of age spots rises sharply when immunity of skin declines. Deficiency of vitamins, excess fat and cholesterol accumulation, excess alcohol and smoking, unhygienic lifestyle and other factors contribute to decline in skin immunity.  Vitamin c serum treatment could prevent and remove age spots when it is used in the forms of cream, jelly, lotions and pills.

Removal of age spots in young age hypertension with vitamin c serum

Physical and mental stress, diabetes, cholesterol deposition in veins, obesity, alcohol, smoking, excess exposure sun, heat and humidity, heart disease and other cardiovascular complications lead to hypertension.

  • Hypertension causes irregular supply of vitamins, proteins and oxygenated blood to skin layers. It can also result in intense skin dehydration.  Since skin cells are starved of hydration and essential nutrients over long time, they start aging.
  • Most of age spots in young adults get initiated due to process of oxidation. This largely generated when free radicals from UV radiation interact with skin cells. This interaction results in chain of oxidative reactions from various layers of skin cells, connecting tissues and glands. For example sebum is one specific gland which generates skin oil. As long as this gland keeps working under normal conditions, it produces healthy skin oil which nourishes skin and body.
  • When this gland is exposed to UV radiation initiated oxidation process which gets started at external layers of skin cells, it presumes it to be some sort of attack on it. Then it starts producing excess of skin oil which in turn increases age spots, acne and other skin disorders.  Vitamin c serum is powerful antioxidant.  It has many inbuilt stress reducing characteristics. It can render all oxidative stress causing elements ineffective by unique process called “reduction”. This process stops further growth of age spots, acne and other skin disorders.
  • Besides, vitamin c contains ingredients like Ferulic Acid, glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and sodium PCA. These ingredients get absorbed by skin layers. They start refreshing and nourishing your skin layers with youthful characteristics like softness, brightness, liveliness etc.
  • Collagen is one of the strongest in your body protein which gets generated in plenty due to regular consumption of vitamin c serum. You could find this protein almost in all parts of your body skin, extending from head to toes. It is sensitive to skin cell loss or tissue loss which happens due to external or internal factors. Vitamin c serum initiates production of collagen in age spot affected and treated areas of skin.
  • Collagen molecules have tensile strength and they are elastic in nature. They also have high adhesive characteristics. They have tendency to get attached with skin cells and induce their strength, elasticity and adhesiveness. Hence the process of new cell generation in age spot affected areas is accompanied with strong bonding with existing cells. This process forms strong layers of skin cells and tissues. Vitamin c serum induces immunity properties into this layer. Ingredients like glycerin bring back youthful skin conditions. So the skin is now free from age spots and back to its healthy conditions.

Healing of age spots in young age pregnancy with vitamin c serum

Pregnancy is the timespan when skin in females tends to be sensitive and void of sufficient immunity. When it gets exposed to UV radiation from sun it gets affected easily. Moreover hormone imbalances in this period can enhance effects of UV induced oxidative process. Hence possibility of age spots increases.

  • UV radiation increases skin and body temperature in females. In some cases it provokes sebum to generate excess skin oil which blocks skin pores. It may not lead to acne every time, but it does reduce sweating to large extent, since most of sweat cannot go out of skin now. This process increases heat buildup in internal layers of skin which leads to formation of age spots.
  • Antioxidant properties of vitamin c help in eliminating free radicals in skin layers and restore the skin oil balance. They also remove the blocks from skin pores and facilitate normal sweating levels. For example you might have experienced excess of sweating after you consume vitamin c serum pills. This is one sign of the serum working towards restoration of skin order.
  • Excess of accumulated heat within your skin layers is now eliminated. Sweating from vitamin c induced antioxidant process also removes most of toxic elements resulting from oxidation of skin cells. This process literally cleans up all the internal layers of your skin.
  • Now the ingredients of vitamin c serum like Ferulic acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide and others help in removal of age spots from skin’s external layers.

Treating Age spots before 20s with vitamin c serum

Most of age spots in teens are caused due to same reasons like UV radiation and its induced oxidation processes. There are other factors too which can cause age spots in teens. They are smoking, excess alcohol, consumption of oral contraceptives, side effects of medicines and antibiotics etc.

  • Since sin immunity is in growing stages, it gets easily affected by sunburns and its resulting oxidation reactions. Obesity and accumulation of cholesterol can also lead to increased numbers of age spots.
  • Vitamin c serum interacts with all oxidation causing free radicals and neutralizes them. Moreover it restores hormonal balance in teen females which might have got disturbed due to increased consumption of oral contraceptives and other antibiotics.
  • Healing of age spots and regeneration of skin cells are managed by ingredients of vitamin c serum. Once the process of skin rebuilding starts with collagen, it restores strength and flexibility of skin layers from external layers till hypodermis. Skin health gets back to normalcy, immunity is back to high levels and wholesome beauty of skin is restored. In some people vitamin c serum works faster, while in others it may take time.

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