5 effective ways to treat liver spots with Vitamin C Serum


Study of liver spots causes and treatment considers all possible health conditions that may lead to liver weakening, diseases & infections, damages and failure. Symptoms in each case may vary, but certain common ones are also observed. Intensities of these symptoms change with each stage of illness development. Your doctor will be able to diagnose liver spots based on their location and concentration. All types of liver spots are not dangerous in nature. Many of them can be cured with vitamin c serum creams and lotions. There are however some cases in which liver spots are associated with degenerating liver conditions.

  • Alcoholism and liver disease are said to be closely related to each other. According to studies conducted by center for disease control and prevention in US, more than 29000 cases of chronic liver damages have been reported last year due to alcohol abuse. This shows intensity of liver damages caused among all age groups, especially teens and adults.
  • Alcoholic liver constantly sends out warning signals in many forms. One such sign is liver spots. They may appear anywhere on your body skin, but most prominently in abdomen, thighs, hands and legs. In comparison to age spots they are more accurate in shape with defined borders. They are dark brown in color, but it may vary from red to yellow spots also. Important fact about them is that they refuse to go away when you apply cream or jelly. It is because they are constantly fed by impure blood from liver.
  • It would be better of you could consult your doctor for treatment guidelines, if you know that you have alcoholic liver problem. First treatment advised by your doctor would be obviously abstinence from alcohol. You need to start consuming vitamin c serum capsules regularly for specific prescribed time.
  • If you have chronic or severe alcoholic liver conditions, it may take about 90 days to return to normal conditions with abstinence from alcohol and continued consumption of vitamin c serum pills.
  • After this period, your doctor may prescribe vitamin c serum in the form of cream or jelly. Applying it regularly could make liver spots go away. Meanwhile you may also be given shots of vitamin c serum in order to detox your body from toxic elements.

Relevance of liver spots treatment products and vitamin c serum

There are many other forms of potential liver disease which give warning through liver spots. Fatty liver disease (nonalcoholic) is one such illness. It is caused by excess deposits of fat in liver. It often causes inflammation within inner layers of your skin also. When your skin comes into contact with sun and gets sunburns, these conditions get flared up and they result in liver spots. Even in this case, they keep showing up repeatedly on skin surface even after treating with creams and jelly.

  • Most of cosmetic products become irrelevant because they are not treating root cause of liver spots in this case. They may provide temporary relief by suppressing these spots for some time. When the liver condition gets upset next time, these liver spots appear again.
  • First condition for complete cure of liver spots is your liver health. You may come across various product ads stating complete cure of liver spots with cream and jelly alone. But you need to remember differences between age spots, sun spots and liver spots. Even though they are flared up due to UV radiations from sun, their root causes are completely different. So you will need to fix the root cause of liver spots by improving health conditions of your liver. Once your liver health and working conditions are restored to normal condition, you could use cream and lotion to get rid of liver spots from your skin.
  • Treatment of liver could be done by adopting medical or surgical procedures as prescribed by your doctor. Vitamin c serum will be invariably used in each of this treatment for scar healing, immunity development, oxidants removal and skin health restoration. The serum is also used during surgery to prevent possible infections.    

Process of liver spots fungus treatment with vitamin c serum

Fungus deposition on skin could happen due to many reasons, including climatic conditions. Most types of fungi are relatively harmless. But when skin gets affected by sunburn and free radicals are generated, these fungi are made to come alive with oxidative reactions on them. Now they become destructive in nature and cause liver spots.

  • Liver spots are often accompanied by acne. It happens when fungus makes oxidative chemicals seep into ski pores, blocking them. Since oxidative elements also attack sebum, it generates excess skin oil which also blocks the skin pores. Combined effects of these two result in formation of liver spots and acne.
  • Treatment of such conditions is said to be tough, especially with cosmetic products. Vitamin c serum plays important role in elimination of acne and liver spots. It is made by the strong antioxidant properties of the serum.
  • Once the root causes are eliminated, it is left to other ingredients of vitamin c serum for healing symptoms. In some cases it may take relatively less time, when intensity levels are low. But in cases where intensity of liver spots is more, it takes more time.

How to keep liver spot treatment natural

Keeping the health and working of your liver in good conditions is one of main criteria for permanent cure from liver spots. You need to limit your alcohol intake (abstain if you have alcoholic liver), keep your blood pressure under control and stay away from fatty food which can generate cholesterol.

Vitamin c serum is said to solve most of liver spots. When the causes are related to sun burn and skin related infections, you could use vitamin c serum with sunscreen to eliminate liver spots. When origin of liver spots is liver disease or disorder, your doctor will use vitamin c serum in combination with liver disease treatments. This will help in removing the liver spots along with healing of liver problems, which are root causes.