5 easy methods to get rid of 30s age spots with Vitamin C Serum


Process of age spots treatment hyperpigmentation with vitamin c serum is found give reliable results among 30s age group. People belonging to this group seem to be more professionally active than others. Hence exposure to UV radiation is also high. Moreover when people reach 30s; they are in peak of their professional life. Hence stress factors are more active. Alcohol consumption among this age group people was estimated to be at 24% among males and close to 15% among women in US (2015 statistics). These factors combined with others like hormone imbalances, diabetes, hypertension, skin disorders and infections are increasingly resulting in age spots.

Efficient facial age spots treatment with vitamin c serum

Facial age spots are more predominant among women in 30s. They can surface in chin, nose, and forehead, below eyes, lips and area above lips. Since face is most exposed to UV radiation, probabilities of age spots are also higher here compared to other skin areas.

  • When facial skin comes into contact with excess of UV radiation, it results in chemical reactions. They are mainly caused by bio-chemicals reactions caused by reactive-oxygen-species (free radicals), Matrix-Metallo-proteinases and Advanced-Glycation-End-products. Free radicals are said to be most dangerous among them as they disturb skin cells composition, structure and function. They also cause havoc among collagen molecular structures by impairing their links. They reduce the production of elastin in skin and reduce flexibility features. Matrix-Metallo-proteinases are responsible for reduction in collagen production. Advanced-Glycation-End-products result in wrinkles, inflammation of internal skin layers and formation of age spots.
  • Vitamin c serum has strong antioxidant features. The ingredients of serum give additional characteristics like physical stress reduction in skin layers. You can choose to apply vitamin c serum in the form of cream, jelly or lotion onto your facial region which is affected by age spots.  The cream forms thick coating consisting of healing elements like Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Ferulic Acid and sodium PCA. These ingredients of the serum instantly get absorbed by skin layers after you apply them. They can reach to inner layers of your facial skin like dermis and hypodermis. All the stress accumulated in these regions gets actively removed with these ingredients. Once the stress elements are removed, it releases the roots of aging spots to be free. Now the natural vitamin c ingredient in the serum will easily puck them out. However treatment process could take time. You need to apply the vitamin c serum lotion for 15 days before you could see any visible results.
  • Next active part of vitamin c serum is to restore the production of collagen back to normal, which it does naturally. The serum also repairs all the cross linked collagen molecules as result of oxidative chemical reactions. Once collagen production is restored to normal levels, restructuring of skin cells damaged by UV radiation becomes faster. Moreover collagen is also responsible for linking of newly created skin cells in layers, forming thick bonding between then with its adhesive nature.
  • The skin cells get their restored supply of proteins and nutrients from other ingredients of vitamin c serum like Ferulic acid. Their external structure and bonding capability with other skin cells get boosted with tensile strength and elastic characteristics. Within few days skin on affected areas get brightened with glycerin ingredient. This kind of skin cell structure balances further stress on facial skin by preventing the oxidative reactions with increased immunity of skin layers.
  • Now that facial skin stress is reduced to great extent, it is easier to eliminate aging spots from all over facial skin. Whenever skin is attacked by free radicals from UV radiations in future, vitamin c reacts with those oxidation causing free radicals and neutralizes them by reduction process.  This also prevents formation of sun spots. But you need to protect your skin’s external layer with sunscreen and vitamin c serum lotion whenever you expose it to sun.

Efficient treatment for age spots and sunspots with vitamin c serum

Age spots and sun spots can be often confusing to differentiate since color and texture are almost similar. Age spots are almost similar to freckles in appearance. They are light or brown in color. They appear on skin surface of shoulders, back, neck and face. But sun spots could be red, brown, black or slightly yellowish tinted in color.

Treatment procedure for both types of spots with vitamin c serum is similar. Mild intensity spots are removed when you apply serum in the form of cream or lotion. When the intensity and numbers are more, they usually form patches on your skin. It takes more than just cream to remove them, since their roots at epidermis region are stronger now. Your dermatologist may prescribe vitamin c serum pills which you need to consume for prescribed period of time. When you combine pills with cream or jelly treatment, the process of spot removal becomes effective.

Effective age spots and wrinkles treatment with vitamin c serum

Wrinkles are caused by shrinking of skin cells and tissues. One of the main reasons for wrinkles is dehydration of skin layers. When dryness increases, the intensity and numbers of wrinkles also increase on your skin. Skin dryness can cause acne. It leads to scaling of skin layers and reduce efficient function of skin pores. When your skin gets exposed to UV radiation in this condition, heat gets trapped within skin layers as sweating has stopped due to dry skin. This sort of excess heat within skin layers leads to age spots.

  • Vitamin c serum cream helps in restoring moisture content. You need to consume plenty of water and skin hydrating fluids to make the serum work effectively.
  • When your skin gets adequately hydrated, the scales on skin disappear and become firmer. Their firmness could be increased further with collagen molecules that get generated in affected areas due to vitamin c serum. This will also take care of strengthening skin layers and restoring elasticity levels back to normalcy. Now wrinkles go away naturally as your skin layers get tightened.
  • Now your skin starts sweating normally, eliminating all the toxic elements accumulated within your skin layers. Skin temperature gets restored to normal levels. This helps in gradual removal of age spots.

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