The Multifunctionality of Vitamin C

“Vitamin c serum plays multifunctional roles at various levels of protecting your skin health, beauty care, immune systems, wound healing and connectivity issues with your bone and other internal organs.”

Being highly soluble in water it helps in growth and development of skin tissues right from stages of infancy to old age. One of the critical features of vitamin c serum is its ability to promote production of collagen, glutathione, skin tissues and cells and plasma concentrations. There are many other features like enhancement of metabolic processes, conversion of amino acids into neurotransmitters, hormones balance and plenty of others. There are certain interesting points about Vitamin c serum and its ingredients which you may be interested to know.

“Human body cannot produce vitamin c for its own use. Hence you need external supplies, Foods like leafy veggies, broccoli, berries, tomatoes, peas, papaya, oranges and others have plentiful of vitamin c in them. When nature has given so many sources of vitamin c, you may often wonder why you need vitamin c serum. There are certain reasons for this, They are analyzed and verified from dermatological and cardiovascular reference points.”

Vitamin c serum is synthesized through many processes which include oxidation and polymerization. Numbers of other ingredients are added during this process which makes the serum multifunctional. Of course it is supported mainly by natural vitamin c as the most critical ingredient. That is why it is called vitamin c serum rather than by any other name. But it does not undermine the role of other ingredients. They too play their roles in shaping the health, structure, and functionality of your skin and cardiovascular organs.

“Some of the main ingredients of vitamin c serum are Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopherol, Ferulic Acid, L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Serum, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and pure water.”

Role of Vitamin c serum in multiple fields of skin and body health

Health and well-being are the main concerns of everyone today. If you feel that you are perfectly healthy and fit right now, you can take certain tests to verify this. You need to start with your skin and go deep into your body, covering your blood vessels, cardiovascular systems, heart and lungs, liver, hormones and glands, immune systems, bones and muscles as well as neural systems.

By the time you complete your “internal travel of your body” and return, you will obviously feel that everything is “not alright”. This is where you will feel the need of vitamin c serum.

Moisture binding: Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most powerful moisture binding agents you can hope to come across. If you wish to keep your skin in youthful conditions with proper hydration, brightness and tone, you need this element in your skin.

Cholesterol reduction: Niacinamide is one of the natural ingredients used in most of diabetic and skin care products today. Essentially it is vitamin B3. It is often recommended by doctors for reducing the levels of cholesterol in your body naturally.

Anti-Aging effects: Interesting news for people around mid-ages is its ability to keep aging symptoms away for long time into the future. It is one of the vital ingredients of vitamin c serum which helps in removal of wrinkles. According to studies, mere 4%-5% of Niacinamide can reduce skin wrinkles by 90% or more.

Lubrication: Panthenol ingredient is one of pro-vitamins belonging to Vitamin B5 group. It is powerful lubricant. It helps in reducing friction between your skin and bones, especially in the joints. It has all features of emollient (skin softener) which can keep your skin young and supple for long time.

Antioxidant extension: Ferulic acid ingredient is known as extender for antioxidants like natural vitamin c. It means Ferulic acid can enhance the properties and functionality of vitamin c. there are cases in medical treatments where vitamin c alone may not be able to remove all the toxic elements generated by specific disease or illness of your skin. In such cases Ferulic acid helps in extending the roles of vitamin c to eliminate such hard toxic elements. You could come across such instances in treatment of melanoma and carcinoma, which are malignant forms of skin cancer. It is especially useful during post chemotherapy period when your skin is under recovery and healing.

Absolute Beauty Care: Glycerin ingredient plays its multipurpose roles in maturation of cells, softening of skin, miniaturization, skin toning, cleansing, clog removal and skin lightening.

Collagen Production: Vitamin c serum is excellent collagen producer. Collagen is mainly produced in your bone marrows. But it is present all over your body parts which are covered by skin! Hence collagen is needed by all. Vitamin c accelerates production of collagen in parts of skin which are affected by infections, dieses and any type of skin disorder. Collagen builds skin layers, strengthens skin and gives elastic properties to it.
Extension of Vitamin c serum functionality into cardiovascular systems
Vitamin c serum extends its role into cardiovascular systems by protecting their health conditions and balancing their function.

Heart health care: If you are advised by your doctor to go for early morning walks and you feel lazy about doing it, there is one excellent option for you. 500mg of vitamin c serum everyday can give you same effects on your heart like early morning walks.

Blood vessels relaxation: Dilation of blood vessels and clearing of blood flow makes your blood vessels relax. It resolves all your problems of hypertension, cholesterol blocking of vessels, heart palpitations and other symptoms related to heart, lungs and cardiovascular diseases.

Heart attack prevention: Vitamin c serum protects your heart valve by removing excess of calcium formation and accumulation around heart valves.

Lung health care: Vitamin c serum plays its effective role in cleansing your lungs and pulmonary systems from toxic elements that get into them when you smoke, drink or consume other intoxicating elements.
Vitamin C for balancing your hormone levels
Male benefits

Testosterone Boosting: Vitamin c serum is known to boost testosterone levels naturally by cleaning up adrenal glands and gonads in your testes. Moreover it instigates these two glands for producing optimum levels of testosterones.

Fertility Boosting: Vitamin c serum is known to boost fertility levels in men by ehnacing quality of semen and sperms. Motility (movement through penis and fallopian tube) and morphology (size, and head shape of sperms) properties.

Glands health care: Vitamin c serum restores health and functional levels of pineal glands, thyroid glands, adrenal glands, pancreas, gonads, thymus and other glands

Female Benefits

Estrogen Boosting: Vitamin c serum is responsible for boosting estrogen levels during menstrual cycles, ovulation, and pregnancy and post natal period.

Hormone balancing: Vitamin c serum brings about healthy balance in hormones like estrogen, progesterone, androgen and others.